My Bowen Treatment with Jeanie


When it comes to alternative treatments I’m afraid that I am quite sceptical and so it was with a little trepidation that I booked myself in for my first Bowen treatment. About 5 years ago I began to have real problems with my neck starting with mild stiffness and progressing to severe pain, especially when reversing my car or trying to sleep in my usual sleeping position. My GP recommended physio and painkillers after six sessions with the physio I was signed off, nothing could be done. I tried Osteopathy – no change. I tried Bowen treatment, and believe it or not after the very first treatment by Jeanie I could reverse my car again, and the inevitable headaches that accompanied my bad neck started to subside.

So what happens during the treatment? – to be truthful not a lot, at least as far as I could tell – I laid down and was swathed in towels, gentle music filled the room and the very calming voice of Jeanie immediately relaxed me – she made some very small movements over various parts of my body, not just my neck, and after a small set of gentle movements she left the room (how can this help my neck I thought, just before I drifted off). During the treatment Jeanie returned to the room on a number of occasions, making slight movements over different areas, and after each sequence again left the room. I roused sufficiently to turn over and again the treatment continued. Jeanie’s voice entered into my dreaming and I slowly came back to some sort of reality, quite a rose coloured reality and a curious sense of well being. So that was it beautifully relaxing but .. Within about an hour of the treatment despite those tiny movements and me thinking that nothing was happening I was stiff all over, every bone and muscle ached as though I had been gardening all weekend. As advised I drank plenty of water and within a day I felt fine, and in all honesty I have not suffered in my neck or from headaches (apart from the monthly type!) ever since. I can reverse my car again, something my husband is quite pleased about. Since the initial treatment I have had several follow up’s, simply because I enjoyed the experience so much and if it stops my bad neck returning all the better.

Jeanie also taught me a very simple technique in order to help my breathing ( I am slightly asthmatic) when I have a cold and my asthma flares up, just a few set moves and my breathing is easier. I still use that technique when ever I need to, certainly cuts down on the inhalers that I have to use during a cold.

Despite the success of Bowen treatment I am still quite sceptical about alternative treatments, but that doesn’t really matter now, because I have found an alternative treatment that suits me and I shall be sticking to it.”

Dawn L