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CAM LIFESTYLE October/November 2010

“Try it, and you may get one heck of a surprise!”

Bowen Therapy provides the only answer for Coronation Street’s Jack.

Actor Bill Tarmey – one of Coronation Street’s best loved characters, Jack Duckworth – has found his life transformed by the Bowen Technique, one of the fastest-growing complementary therapies. Bill is convinced that without Bowen he’d still be suffering great misery from severe and continuing pain in his muscles and joints, especially at night.

For more than a year his nights had been ruined by being woken up three or four times by intense pain in his shoulders, arms and hips. “It was a really upsetting and distressing time,” he explains: “I was desperate to find an answer.”

The sleepless nights were affecting his ability to be properly focused on the Coronation Street set. “Ironically, I’d previously been cured of sleep apnoea, which had caused me to fall asleep on the set,” he says: “But almost as soon as that was sorted, I started to have sleep problems for an entirely different reason.”

He had tried all the conventional treatments for his pain. He didn’t want any more surgery – “I’d had enough of people going inside me” – but he was willing to try anything else. “I would literally have done whatever anybody suggested – including standing on one leg playing a banjo – if I’d thought it would help.”

He found out about Bowen through his brother. It’s a drug-free, non-invasive, hands-on therapy, with a remarkable record of success in helping clients with a wide range of conditions, including back, neck, shoulder and other acute and chronic muscular pain; stress-related conditions including depression; asthma, hay fever and other respiratory problems; sports injuries, IBS, migraine, and a host of other health issues. It is suitable for people of all ages, from tiny babies with colic to the more mature clients who suffer from arthritis. There are many personal testimonies of Bowen working when nothing else has helped.

Bill fixed to see local Bowen therapist, Hadden Todd, based in Manchester. Hadden explained that Bowen would almost certainly help, although the fact that his problems were so intense meant that it would take up to three treatments before the full effect would be felt. “I made sure that I had those three treatments in three weeks, the minimum time,” explains Bill.

By the third visit, Bowen had achieved wonders. “The difference for me was enormous, really enormous,” says Bill: “Even in that short time, I simply wasn’t waking up any more – and the most I have felt since has been a dull ache.”

Bill Tarmey – Jack Duckworth – helped by Bowen TherapyHe now has a ‘maintenance’ Bowen session every four to six weeks – and it’s become a family thing! Bill was so impressed by Bowen that he suggested it to his wife, who had been attending pain clinics with a spinal problem for some 15 years. “She now has Bowen regularly, just like me,” he explains, “and my daughter is also having Bowen.”

He is puzzled by the unwillingness of doctors to suggest Bowen as a possible solution. “If they know about it, I can’t understand why they don’t gently recommend it,” he says: “It’s not as though the Bowen therapist is going to stick knives or darts in you!”

Bill now recommends Bowen to anyone who is experiencing pain. “The point is, Bowen is so gentle in comparison to other hands-on treatments: no one is going to throw you around the room by your legs – so at the very least it can’t do any harm.”

“I say give it a go before there’s any talk of surgery or other more drastic treatment. Try Bowen … and like me, you may get one heck of a surprise.”

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