Member of the Following Professional Organisations & Registers: CNHC, Fellow of FHT, BTPA, ECBS, MSTR 
AMT NRE 2019, March
AMT pelvis & lumbar spine2019, March
McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release2019, February
Neck Workshop( assessment & treatment of soft tissues structures cervical spine) John Garfield2018, July
Lower Extremities: John Garfield2018, July
Clinical Gems: John Garfield 2018, July
Targeting Primary Dysfunction / Importance of Symmetry, Graham Pennington2017, August
Pelvis& Lumbar Spine” Workshop with JOHN GARFIELD. College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy2016, October
Bowen Bridge Class (Postgraduate)2015, June
The Art of Bowen (Postgraduate) Alastair McLoughlin2014, November
EP3 (Postgruaduate Emmett Techique: 3) with Rosss Emmett2014, May
Red Flag Assessment, Dr David Laird2013, October
Bowen: Postgraduate Practitioner Workshop (E.C.B.S)2013, June
Bowen: Postgraduate Workshop on Importance of Symmetry (Assess and restore spinal symmetry & function) Graham Pennington2013 , July
Bowen: Fascia Bowen (Howard Plummer)2012, Sept
Bowen: Assessment Skills (Ron Phelan) 2012, April
EP2 (Emmett Technique Postgraduate: 2) : Ross Emmett2012, April
EP1 (Emmett Technique Postgraduate:1) Ross Emmett2012, April
Emmett Technique: Clinic Day with Ross Emmett2012, November
Bowen: TMJ Workshop (Ron Phelan) 2012 ,April
Emmett Technique Mod 6 review2011, November
Emmett Technique Module 6 2011, June
Bowen: The Anatomy of Bowen (E.C.CB.S)2011, July
Emmet Technique Mod 3 & 4 2011, February
Emmett Technique Practitioner 2011, August
Emmett Technique Module 52011, April
Emmet Technique Mod 1&2 2010, September
Anatomy Trains (Tom Myers) 2010, March
Bowen Advanced 12009, March
Bowen Practitioner CPD2008, May
Bowen Practitioner CPD2008, April
Bowen: Asthma & Respiratory 2007, September
Bowen: Sports Injuries 2007, August
Bowen Technique Practioner (ECBS) 2006, October
Hands Free Massage 2005, January
IHHT Diploma Level 3 Holistic Therapies

(inc Stress Management)
2003, June
Reiki 2nd degree2003, December
IIHHT Diploma Advanced Aromatherapy 2002, July
IIHHT Diploma Reflexology2002, Feb
IIHHT Diploma Aromatherapy 2002, Feb
Core Energy Management 2002, April
Reiki First Degree 2001, June
IIHHT Diploma Indian Head Massage2001, July
Geopathic Stress 2000, March
Health Kinesiology Professional Training 1999, January
Nutrition for Health Kinesiologists1999, April
Health Kinesiology Advanced trainings – various1999 –2000
Touch For Health Synthesis1998, September
Three in One Concepts (inc. Facilitator Training (Kinesiology)1993 Jan -April 94
Rebalancing (Deep Tissue techniques, Joint Release, Body Alignment & Physical & Emotional Anatomy)1987, July
ITEC Massage, Anatomy & Physiology1986,July

I continually update my knowledge and qualifications to ensure my clients have the best possible treatment.

I maintain an up to date First Aid Certificate

Various other non-certificated courses & workshops attended include Meditation, Tai Chi, ChiKung, Voice Dialogue, Yoga, Zero Balancing and numerous self help and personal development groups since 1970’s. Plus much self directed study.

I was in practice in London as a massage therapist in London and Aylesbury in 1986-2001. I then had a break until resuming practice in Devon in 2002 as a Holistic Therapist.

Please contact me if you require any further details or information.